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Vladimír Palko: Gay marches end in tyranny

Exclusive statement of Vladimír Palko for “la Voce della Slovacchia
On Saturday 22 May 2010 the first march of homosexuals takes place in Slovakia. The homosexual lobby doesn’t organise these marches in order to achieve greater tolerance of homosexuals by the majority society. Their actual demands include having same sex marriages deemed equal under the law as marriages between a man and woman, and the possibility for gay couples to adopt children. The homosexual lobby wants to achieve a situation where the gay lifestyle is respected by the majority society as something normal and natural. Anyone who shows resistance to such an understanding of homosexual behaviour may be punished by losing their job. This is not sci-fi, it is a reality that is happening today in various countries of Europe. I will mention the example of Judge Andrew McClintock from Sheffield, who lost his judges robes because he did not wish to preside over cases where he would by law have to award guardianship of children to a homosexual couple. Another example is the employee of City Hall in London, Lilian Ladele, who will no longer be able to do her job as marriage registrar, because she had a problem with her conscience in “wedding” homosexual couples.

We already had such an understanding of “freedom of opinion and conscience” in Slovakia twenty one years ago, when those who did not profess to the the forced communist ideology of Marxism-Leninism could not do certain jobs. That is why we say NO to the homo-ideaology that they are trying to introduce by the Rainbow Pride marches of homosexual activists.

Vladimír Palko, member of the slovak parlament
(English version prepared by: John M. Boyd)

Vladimír Palko is a Slovak politician. He is a member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic and former Interior Minister of Slovakia. In 2008 he established a new party called Conservative Democrats of Slovakia (KDS) after leaving the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH).

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